drive from malaysia to singapore

Drive from Malaysia to Singapore

If you fancy a drive from Malaysia to Singapore, rest assured that it is a perfectly achievable feat. Depending on which part of Malaysia you are coming from, you could be as little as 10 minutes away from neighbouring Singapore! This guide illustrates some of the most popular locations for you to plan your drive from Malaysia to Singapore (or the other way round), starting with Malaysia’s southernmost city, Johor Bahru, and working our way towards Penang, the northern tip of the country.

Driving from Johor Bahru to Singapore

The Johor-Singapore Causeway is a 1056-metre causeway that connects the southernmost Malaysian city of Johor Bahru to Singapore. The Causeway takes you across the Straits of Johor to the town of Woodlands in Singapore (and vice versa), an approximate 25 minutes drive. Be sure to avoid peak hour traffic and public holidays to ensure a smooth journey.

Driving from Malacca to Singapore

Malacca (also known locally as Melaka) is touted as a Singaporean’s playground. Only a mere 2 hours away, the historical Malaysian town is often busy catering to Singaporeans and other Malaysians who want a quick break from the hustle bustle of city life. You can enjoy the former Portuguese settlement in all its glory before crossing the border and entering the modernistic island nation for a whole new experience. All this in less than 24 hours!

Driving from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Southeast Asia’s most prominent capital cities are only 6 hours apart from each other. If you just landed in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, hop on a rental car and make your way towards Singapore – at your own pace! Malaysian cities are well-connected by national highways, so craft your own journey as you go. The transition from urban Kuala Lumpur to the rural outskirts promises to be an excellent drive.

Driving from Penang to Singapore

If you would like the road trip of a lifetime, try driving from Penang all the way to Singapore! This way, you will get to explore all the sights and sounds of Malaysian cities all the way from the north down to the south, with possibilities to deviate from the North-South Expressway and head towards the East Coast and some beautiful mountain terrains.

A non-stop drive from Malaysia’s northernmost city to Singapore will take approximately 7 – 10 hours. However, bear in mind to leave a day or two (or maybe even three) to explore some of the towns / cities that you are bound to pass by along the way. Click here to check out Hawk recommended destinations to visit should you choose to drive from Penang all the way down south.

Drive from Malaysia to Singapore: Ultimate Flexibility With A Rental Car

As you can see, the itinerary really depends on you. The flexibility of car rental brings endless possibilities to manage your time and pace. Whenever you feel tired from the long drive, don’t forget to take a break in one of the many rest stations located all over the country.

If you are concerned about the rules and regulations associated with crossing the border when you drive from Malaysia to Singapore, click here to check out the Hawk guide on Malaysia-Singapore border control.

Regardless of which Malaysian city you set off from, Singapore is within easy reach by car. Book a car with us now!

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