Fleet Management

Got a company fleet? Let us manage the fleet for you. From vehicle upkeep to maintenance, aesthetics and cleanliness, we manage your fleet for you so you don’t need to worry about fickle things like fleet upkeep or breakdowns. You can instead channel your efforts in growing your business.

We are experienced in customizing a program that is suited for your corporate needs. We provide commercial car and truck financing and fleet management services to help you save time and money to reduce environmental impact. Our tailored solutions address the life cycle of your fleet. From strategic planning and financing to management and remarketing, Hawk assists you in gaining maximum return on your investment.

Here are more reasons to manage your fleet with Hawk:

  1. Vehicle Acquisition – providing the best value on fleet vehicles
  2. Fleet Maintenance – Helping you to manage your fleet vehicle expenses
  3. Fleet Fuel Management – Providing you the best fleet fuel management
  4. License & Registration – We handle everything for your license renewal
  5. Fleet Financing – Hawk offers flexible fleet financing and depreciation with fixed or variable costs.
  6. Fleet Insurance Services – Our fleet insurance services have local relationships that provide fast turnaround on your claims.