Corporate Services

Short Term Monthly Rental

Are you a business executive seeking a car for corporate use?

At Hawk, we believe renting a car gives you liberty to go explore places beyond just getting you to work. Combine work and play by booking a rental car with us now!

International Bookings

Let Hawk make your international travel a breeze. With 160 locations worldwide and strategic partnerships with international partners,

Hawk is your trusted car rental company that will get you to your destination in the best car suited for your needs.

Long Term Leasing

If you need the mobility of a car for a long duration of time, consider the long term lease option offered by Hawk. Leasing with us enables you to take advantage of our purchasing strengths. Not only that, you also gain from our fixed monthly installments, for ease of budgeting on the whole life of the vehicle.

Our lease terms are flexible – from 12 months up to 60 months for cars and specific commercial vehicles.

Fleet Management

Got a company fleet? Let us manage the fleet for you. From vehicle upkeep to maintenance, aesthetics and cleanliness, we manage your fleet for you so you don’t need to worry about fickle things like fleet upkeep or breakdowns. You can instead channel your efforts in growing your business.

We are experienced in customizing a program that is suited for your corporate needs. We provide commercial car and truck financing and fleet management services to help you save time and money to reduce environmental impact.


If you are a discerning executive, our Chauffeur services offers you a private driver, ready at your disposal. Got an important occasion? Don’t burden yourself with driving around when you can get your very own chauffeur.

With our Chauffeur service, you are free to hire a Chauffeur and choose any car of your choice from our fleet, either on an hourly basis (a minimum of 3 hours) or on a full day’s assignment. Chauffeur services are also available for Transfers to and fro the Airport or between major cities and towns.

To book your very own private driver, please complete the form below for further details on cost, terms and conditions.

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