Malaysia is one of the best countries to drive in Southeast Asia. As a thriving economy in the region, Malaysia has a relatively well developed road infrastructure system. If you’re looking to drive in Malaysia, rest assured its a safe and comfortable experience. If you are reading this, you should have figured out by now that the key language of commerce in this country is English. Our cultural diversity means any Malaysian you speak with speaks at least one other language – including but not limited to Bahasa, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hindi, native dialects and more.

Renting a Car in Malaysia

Renting a car in Malaysia is a breeze. Hawk Rent A Car has car rental kiosks located nationwide. Each major city in Malaysia is located no more than 4 hours away from each other by car. That makes Malaysia an ideal country for road trips and independent travel. As long as you have a car at your disposal, exploring the whole country by car is a perfectly achievable feat.

10 Reasons Why You Should Drive in Malaysia

  1. Malaysia has a tropical climate. This means you don’t have to worry about hail, snow or other drastic changes in weather. Take heed, though, that tropical thunderstorms can be rather heavy and unpredictable.
  2. Ever dreamt of driving from one end of a country to another? That’s perfectly achievable in Malaysia. Regardless of whether you fly in to Kuala Lumpur or Penang, you can easily hop into a rental car and cruise to the attractions of your choice. The rule of thumb is always that you are no more than 4 hours away from a major town.
  3. All major cities and towns are well connected by highways (also known as expressways). The north and south are connected by the North-South Expressway
  4. All highways are well-maintained. There are frequent stops offering rest stations that serve food and provide basic facilities.
  5. Malaysia is a cultural melting pot. We are also a highly international bunch. With our variety of languages, English and Bahasa Malaysia serves as a unifying language of the country. This means foreigners can easily navigate around without language barriers.
  6. Malaysia is a Commonwealth country. This means that our road infrastructure follows the British system. This also means vehicles on the left, driver on the right. You will feel right at home driving here if you are from a fellow Commonwealth nation. If you are not, check out the Hawk Guide to Driving on the Left Side of the Road.
  7. Petrol is relatively affordable in Malaysia. So it doesn’t break your bank to drive in Malaysia.
  8. Ever wanted to drive cross country? Well, that’s perfectly possible. You can drive a Hawk car to Singapore. Read more about driving from Malaysia to Singapore.
  9. Malaysia is home to the longest bridge in Southeast Asia. Driving on the Penang Second Bridge is an experience of its own!
  10. And most importantly… Unlike other parts of Southeast Asia, it is unlikely that you will come across a stray herd of cows on the road.