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Driving Requirements in Malaysia

The driving requirements in Malaysia are relatively straightforward. This means there is virtually nothing stopping you from exploring this beautiful country on wheels! Renting a car with Hawk gives you the ultimate flexibility to explore the many destinations within the country. Malaysia is compact enough to drive from north to south, east to west. Leave no town in this country unexplored as you have full control over your itinerary with your very own rental car. With fantastic road conditions throughout the nation, plus an accommodating license requirement structure, any competent driver can drive in Malaysia!

Check the list below and read more about the driving requirements in Malaysia:

  1. Anyone with an International Driver’s License can drive in Malaysia.
  2. Holders of a Commonwealth country license are also permitted to drive in Malaysia with their existing license for up to the duration of their permitted stay.
  3. If you have none of the above but possess a Driver’s License in Romanized letters that is readable, it is acceptable as well.
  4. However, should you possess a Driver’s License in non-Romanized letters (ie. Mandarin, Japanese, etc.), you will either need to prepare an International Driver’s License prior to arrival or get your license translated.
  5. The above driving requirements applies the same to East Malaysia as well.

Rent a car now and start driving in this amazing country. Here are top 10 reasons to drive in Malaysia.


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