drive from malaysia to singapore

Drive from Malaysia to Singapore

If you fancy a drive from Malaysia to Singapore, rest assured that it is a perfectly achievable feat. Depending on which part of Malaysia you are coming from, you could be as little as 10 minutes away from neighbouring Singapore! This guide illustrates some of the most popular locations for you to plan your drive from Malaysia to Singapore (or the other way round), starting with Malaysia’s southernmost city, Johor Bahru, and working our way towards Penang, the northern tip of the country.

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driving requirements

Driving Requirements in Malaysia

The driving requirements in Malaysia are relatively straightforward. This means there is virtually nothing stopping you from exploring this beautiful country on wheels! Renting a car with Hawk gives you the ultimate flexibility to explore the many destinations within the country. Malaysia is compact enough to drive from north to south, east to west. Leave no town in this country unexplored as you have full control over your itinerary with your very own rental car. With fantastic road conditions throughout the nation, plus an accommodating license requirement structure, any competent driver can drive in Malaysia!

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