Nowadays, all of us worked very hard and we look forward to enjoy the rewards of our travel, from the plane rides, trains, cruises and even car rentals.

You work hard, and you play hard. That’s why you will love the Hawk’s Premium Car service offering that enables you to drive yourself wherever you are going, in the comfort and style of one of our fantastic luxury rental vehicles.

Our premium fleet offers comfortable seating with plenty of room in the trunk for luggage. It is a great choice for a business travel or leisure.

Exhilaration, power and fun. With Hawk’s Car Rental you have the option of sporty, two-door vehicles, convertibles or luxury SUV’s with all the bells and whistles.

We have the latest vehicles in our range, backed by our professional service and passion to ensure you get a ‘luxury’ experience you’ll never forget.

When renting a car, nearly everyone looks at the pricing as the primary deciding factor. But considering the usage that you may have planned for the vehicle, going on price alone might not be the best decision. Most of us are familiar with the car rental for a business trip; you hop off of the plane, hit the car rental counter and either take the smallest, cheapest car available or you simply accept whatever type of car your company has already set up. Many businesses actually go a little higher in class, choosing an ‘intermediate’ sized car, which still isn’t a behemoth but offers a little more leg room and space than the smaller classes.

If this is a trip where you are going to have to drive to your destination, you’d probably want to have more room for luggage, especially if you are taking your family. A compact car is no match for the travelling needs of two adults and a couple of kids, and a road trip becomes much less fun when the entire trip is cramped. Despite what it might sound like, a premium rental car is not a massive luxury sedan that you’ll have a hard time keeping on the road. It will have four doors, never two, and more trunk space. However, even though many travellers find the size of a full size class of car to be less than adequate, it does not mean that you must upgrade to a luxury car to get more room. There is a common size category for most rental car companies that falls between full size and luxury, which is ‘premium’. Like the full size, the premium category will have four doors but will also generally seat five adults comfortably.

It’s understood that the premium cars offer more amenities and comfort, and usually come with more power under the hood. It’s not really common to upgrade to this category just for space, usually you would pick up this option for a more comfortable ride as well.

We, at Hawk car rental will ensure your safety, comfort and pleasure when you are driving away on your trip with our cars. Your satisfaction is our goal.