Our lives are getting busy and at times it seems unmanageable. We need help to get the kids to school, pick up the in-laws from the airport or finishing off the report or presentation. If only there is someone that could do the driving.

Where do I start searching for a driver or better still a personal chauffeur to ease the load? Here at Hawk Rent a Car, we are giving you a guide on hiring, and finding a chauffeur who will make your business and life run smoothly.

At Hawk’s we have a Car of your choice from our fleet, together with Chauffeur either on an hourly basis (min 3 hours) or on a full day’s assignment. Chauffeur Driven services are also available for Transfers from or to an Airport or between the Major Cities and towns.

Hiring a personal driver to boost your productivity used to mean spending a lot of time posting a job advertisement in the local newspaper or on or, weeding through

Hiring a Driver: Where to Start

With a chauffeur driving you in your car, your long commute will fly by. You’ll double your productivity, travel more safely, and find you’re more focused, prepared and relaxed throughout your day of business meetings, personal appointments, community events and social activities. Here’s an approach to find the perfect driver:

Step 1: Outline your requirements.

What’s your schedule? Do you have recurring appointments every day, week or month? Do you need advanced skills, like someone with law enforcement experience, or special services, like a bilingual driver?

Step 2: Look for experts.

Look for a company that takes time to understand your needs and has outstanding referrals and expertise in all aspects of staffing and management: sourcing, hiring, training and managing qualified professional chauffeurs.

Step 3: Delegate.

A great driver adds value by tackling important tasks while they stand-by: dry cleaning, deliveries, reservations, grocery pickup, car detailing or servicing, even getting your children to and from school or activities.

Checklist: What to Look for in a Driver Staffing Firm

Plan ahead with these hiring tips.

  • Confirm staffing expertise and thorough vetting. Schedule a call with the hiring firm and ask how they will match the best driver to your profile. Understand how they conduct background checks, drug tests, and motor vehicle record (MVR) checks. The deepest level of professional pre-screening.
  • Next, understand how they train and certify staff, monitor driver records, perform random drug tests and manage your driver day-to-day
  • Look for proven results.
  • Cover all bases on compensation and benefits.
  • Reduce your liability by finding a firm that offers strong primary insurance
  • Have a backup plan. A firm with a deep talent pool will ensure you’re not in a pinch when your driver gets sick, has an emergency, takes a vacation, or if the chemistry just isn’t right

5 Time-Saving Tips for Hiring a Personal Driver

  1. You’ll spend a lot of time with your driver. The firm should offer you chauffeur bios that highlight the driver’s background, interests, and personality.
  2. Let them screen first. Ask to meet with your potential chauffeurs once they’ve narrowed the list of candidates that meet your criteria.
  3. Don’t need a chauffeur 40+ hour every week? Find a rental company that can supplement your driver’s schedule with other assignments.
  1. Everything should be completely transparent, such as guaranteed hours of driving service per week, charges (including overtime and double-time), cancellation policy, expenses and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your confidentiality
  2. Don’t shortcut and don’t rush!