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Many people find it convenient to rent a car particularly when on a business trip or during family vacations. Renting a car in Malaysia is like renting in any other country. There are many international car rental agencies operating in Malaysia. Car Rentals in Malaysia are easily available and most car rentals can be prearranged online and also in rental office when you are ready to rent, providing you have all the relevant documentation on you. Roads in Malaysia are pleasant to drive on and it is a good way to see some of the country and locate important focal areas.

Here at Hawk’s car rental we will assist you and take you step by step for an easy as our customer friendly staff will ensure an effective experience for you. We have many types of car and service to help you make the process of car rental a pleasant experience that you will never forget. From the time you first came to check our business, we have your back cover until you return the car back. We believed in providing good service. SERVING WITH CARE!!!!!

There are few rules or requirements that needed to be followed in renting a car in Malaysia:


Each car rental company has their own requirements for renting a car, yet the road laws of Malaysia still apply. Documentation has to be in order to avoid any penalties.

The following documentation is required to rent a car from most international companies:

– A current driving license. To drive in Malaysia you can drive on a license from any European country, any state from the United States and any Asian driver’s license. Additional drivers will also be required to provide a driving license
– A valid credit card which is in the name of the holder of the person who will be the named driver
– Passport
– Telephone number.

Please note: People who are visiting from nearby Singapore cannot hire a car in Singapore and drive into Malaysia because of Malaysia’s strict foreign car laws. Visitors from Singapore should take public transport into the country and then hire a car within Malaysia.

To hire a car in Malaysia a person must be 23-years old and over. You must have held your license for no less than a year.

It is advisable to study the driving laws in Malaysia before renting a car and driving.

Normally, with your car agreement, there will be breakdown assistance inclusive in the cost and you will be provided with the telephone number to contact in the event of a breakdown.

Malaysia has an extensive toll-road network and you will be given maps and vouchers and some car rental companies do include the cost of the major toll roads in your car rental cost.

Most confirmations of car rentals will be completed in around fifteen minutes. You will be able to arrange where you will collect the car and the drop-off point of the car at the end of the agreement.

Where to Rent a Car in Malaysia

Major airports such as Penang and Kuala Lumpur have international and local car rental desks in the arrival halls. You could also check online and check out the different car rental companies and find great promotions that could save you money.

Here at Hawk’s car rental we got yo

To be safe it is always a good idea to check out and compare what is available within all the different companies. Having a checklist of safety questions you may have is also a good idea to avoid any frustrations. Renting a car is Malaysia is easy, ask the questions if you are not sure or ask questions to confirm what you already know. Have fun on your journey!